St. Nicholas Family Clinic

St. Nicholas Foundation Helps Working Uninsured, Holds Fundraiser this Weekend

Jul 22, 2015

The St. Nicholas Foundation, a program providing assistance to uninsured or underinsured working adults, will be hosting a "Picnic for St. Nick!" this weekend. Dr. Pat Withrow and St. Nick's Executive Director Rayla Bridges speak with Kate on Sounds Good to share more about the program and event. 

St. Nicholas Family Clinic needs volunteers to move furniture that's no longer needed to Hope Unlimited in Paducah this Saturday. Kate Lochte learns more about the volunteer opportunity and St. Nicholas Clinic activities with Rayla Bridges, on Sounds Good. The clinic's  mission is to provide quality healthcare to working individuals who do not have medical insurance or financial resources necessary to pay for private insurance and/or medical care. See more on their website.