The Big Read is returning to Christian County for a second year in a row, thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Pennyroyal Arts Council.

The PAC recently secured the $16,200 matching grant to put on the community and student-engagement reading program which includes themed activities based around a single book.

So what does it mean to be hungry?

That's a question that occurred to us as we read some encouraging news: The world isn't as hungry as it used to be.

A U.N. report has noted that 795 million people were hungry in the year 2014. That's a mind-boggling number. But in fact it's 200 million lower than the estimated 1 billion hungry people in 1990.

The improvement is especially impressive because the world population has gone up by around 2 billion since the '90s.

Wikimedia Commons/Steve Snodgrass

Marshall County judge-executive Chyrill Miller has signed an executive order authorizing a special election after 3,366 residents signed a petition in support of legalizing alcohol sales in the county. That number meets the required 25 percent of voters in last year’s general election.

The referendum is now set to take place Tuesday, July 28.

These Colors Don't Run/Facebook

More than 50 protesters showed up Tuesday at the house of a Hopkinsville man who made waves Memorial Day weekend after posting a photo online where he was shown stepping on an American flag.

Ludovic Bertron, Wikimedia Commons

Due to low registration, the Murray Human Rights Commission has postponed a business and community training session geared toward a proposed human rights ordinance revision.

American Red Cross Blood Donors, Facebook

The American Red Cross is sending out an appeal for blood donations.  

With someone in the U.S. needing blood every two seconds, it’s always challenging to collect enough blood to meet the needs of patients, but Spokeswoman Regina Conway with the Tennessee Valley Region says blood donations typically decline during the summer months.

A new health ranking of senior citizen health in the U.S. puts Kentucky near the bottom of the list.

America’s Health Rankings looked at the health and well-being of people age 65 and older. Kentucky seniors were ranked 48th in the country. The low ranking was attributed to a high prevalence of smoking, high premature death rates and a low percentage of dental visits.

Louisiana was at the bottom of the list, with Mississippi just below Kentucky.

Murray Calloway County Parks and Recreation / Facebook

The Murray-Calloway County Pool opened for the summer this weekend even though it is still in need of significant repairs. 

Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation, Facebook Page

Two out of every ten students experience bullying, says Susan Guess of the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation. While this is an improvement, Guess says  it's still a large number of students and is unacceptable. She says we need to be intentional about how we treat one another and is demonstrating this in the first annual Paducah Kindness Color Walk planned for August 8th in Noble Park. On Sounds Good, Kate Lochte speaks with Guess about the event and other anti-bullying efforts.

Signedbo(Manzil Poudar) / Wikimedia Commons

The two will be flying home Friday after spending a week in a remote Nepal village helping villagers rebuild after last week's devastating second earthquake and teaching the villagers how to help themselves.