Easter Seals

Easter Seals West Kentucky says a potential fundraising scam has targeted numerous people in our region.

Residents have reported calls from individuals claiming to be from the nonprofit that attempt to sell items over the phone and solicit credit card and other personal information.

Murray Police

Murray State University sent out a safety bulletin Tuesday night alerting students and staff of a shooting that occurred near - but not on - campus.


Murray State’s second annual Campus Plunge next month brings together students and faculty together for a worthy cause; Special Olympics in Kentucky. The event, held at MSU’s quad next to Pogue Library, invites participants to get dunked in a pool of ice-cold water.

MSU Associate Professor of English Squire Babcock speaks with Tracy Ross on what the event means for the 140 athletes participating in western Kentucky.


Playhouse in the Park’s production of "Catch Me If You Can" opens Thursday night. The musical adaptation of the critically-acclaimed biographical crime drama stars Jake Hunter as Frank Abagnale, a teenager that pulls off millions of dollars in successful cons as he flees from the FBI across the country. Hunter and play director Lisa Cope spoke with Tracy Ross on Sounds Good to give some insight into the performance.

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  Julia Nazarenko has been insured through the Kentucky Health Cooperative since 2013.

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A little over two weeks ago, we spoke with two professors of Murray State's history department who were among the 72 Kentucky history professors who signed a letter calling for the removal of the statue of Confederate president and Kentucky native Jefferson Davis from the capitol rotunda in Frankfort. The letter went to Governor Steve Beshear and to the Kentucky Historical Properties Advisory Commission, which earlier this August voted 7-2 to keep the statue where it is. But that doesn't mean the debate is over. On Sounds Good, Todd Hatton speaks with Dr. Tom Hiter, former Director of Heritage Defense for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and longtime SCV member Dr. Don Duncan.

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  The ‘Great Central U.S. Shakeout’ will take place Thursday.  Kentucky is one of 14 states participating in the earthquake preparedness event.


Veterinarians are recommending that all horses in west Kentucky be tested for a viral disease after four horses in Marshall County tested positive for equine infectious anemia early last month. 

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How to Save a Life - Share Your Story!

It's time again for our National Day of Listening project. A StoryCorps style recording of personal stories that we air the day after Thanksgiving. This year's theme is "Life Saving Stories." Did a chance encounter drastically change your perspective on life? Did it alter your path? Did it save you from a bad decision? 

When it comes to health savings accounts and the so-called Cadillac tax on expensive health plans, the questions just keep coming. And what do you do about adding grandchildren to a health plan? Let's tackle that one, too.

Last year, my wife and I opened a health savings account. Since then, my account has been moved twice, and we have no choice as to who manages it. We can't shop around for someone with lower fees. I think that is a big flaw in the system. Why can't I choose to have my HSA with the same company I have my brokerage account?