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The Illinois House will convene to take up the contentious school-funding issue.

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An omnibus bill that would overhaul the state’s education system and gradually remove Common Core standards from Kentucky classrooms is nearing final passage in the General Assembly.

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With an emphasis on political and educational collaboration, the Kentucky Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 1 on Friday. The priority bill of the GOP leadership makes substantial educational reforms in setting academic standards, testing, and state assistance for low performing schools. 

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The top legislative priority of Kentucky’s Republican led Senate easily won approval Wednesday and now moves on to the Democratic House. Senate Bill One passed on a vote of 25 to 12, primarily along party lines. 

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Legislation to revamp how academic standards are set in public elementary, middle, and high schools is headed to the Kentucky Senate. The measure is one of this year’s top priorities for senate republicans. 

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Democratic Governor Steve Beshear created Kentucky’s health exchange and expanded Medicaid without legislative approval, but if Senate Republicans have their way, the governor will not have that luxury in the future. 

Senate President Robert Stivers says he intends to file legislation to ensure that Kentucky soldiers deployed overseas can cast ballots back home. The designation "Senate Bill 1" has been reserved for the proposal, signifying it is the Senate's top priority, but the legislation wasn’t filed as of Thursday, and the deadline is today.

Giving Kentucky service members and their spouses the ability to cast absentee ballots electronically is the priority of the Kentucky State Senate heading into the 2013 legislative session, Senate President-elect Robert Stivers said on Monday.

A proposal to cap Kentucky's debt has hit a roadblock in the House.

The House Appropriations and Revenue committee took up Senate Bill 1 today. The bill wouldn't allow the state to accrue debt worth more than six percent of the general fund revenue, but doesn't cap debt in the road fund or most education budgets.

The bill easily sailed through the Senate, a point bill sponsor Senator Joe Bowen made to the House committee.