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Marshall County Wet/Dry Voting Underway

Jul 13, 2015
By Infrogmation of New Orleans / Wikimedia

Absentee voting has begun in Marshall County for the upcoming local option election to allow alcohol sales. This is the county's second attempt in three years to end prohibition. 

Marshall County Remains Dry: Partisan Groups Respond

Jul 17, 2012

After months of deliberation, Marshall County residents chose to stay dry yesterday in a vote that drew more than 13,000 people to the polls.

The City of Murray and Marshall County held separate local option elections today. Murray, a city that allows liquor by the drink sales, asked residents to vote on whether or not to expand alcohol sales to allow package liquor. Marshall County residents voted on whether or not to allow alcohol sales in package stores and restaurants. 

Uncertified results are: Murray votes to go wet. Marshall County will stay dry.

More on reaction from residents tomorrow on Morning Edition on WKMS news.