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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has paid $625,000 dollars to a highway contractor over a delay in a Jessamine County road project and agreed to pay the contractor another $850,000 if work doesn't start by May 1.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has approved that provides hundreds of millions of dollars for road projects and a boost for more child abuse investigators. Quinn signed the bill yesterday after the Senate voted 38-15 to approve the supplemental appropriation. It's meant to shore up parts of state government that are running short of money with half of the budget year to go. The bill includes $675 million in unanticipated federal and state money available for road projects this spring.

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Governor Steve Beshear signed the six-year road plan on Wednesday, but line-item vetoed projects in a two-year plan only in Senate President David Williams' district.

According to the governor's office, the vetoes in the shorter plan were necessary because Williams moved his projects to the front of the line. The changes to the legislation cut $49.7 million worth of projects in Williams's district and restore the funding to its original levels.

Beshear Offers Staff to Help Draft Kentucky Road Plan

Apr 11, 2012

Kentucky Governor  Steve Beshear is urging lawmakers to finish their work on a transportation budget and six-year road plan on the final day of this year's legislative session.  Beshear says the Kentucky's roads and bridges are the state's economic lifeblood, and not passing legislation to ensure their continued maintenance would do more than threaten public safety.  With time running out, lawmakers haven't yet reached agreement on what road construction projects to fund in the next two-year budget cycle or in an overall six-year plan.  Beshear says he will make State Budget Director Mary L