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A Democratic lawmaker in Kentucky has asked for a recanvass of election results after losing to a Republican challenger criticized for Facebook posts that depicted President Barack Obama and the first lady as monkeys.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

The outcome of last Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary in Kentucky is unchanged after a recanvass of votes in the state. Hillary Clinton is still the narrow winner. According to the Associated Press, Bernie Sanders says he accepts the loss and will not contest the results.

Results Unchanged in 3rd and 7th District Recanvasses

Nov 15, 2012

The results of recanvasses Thursday of Kentucky’s 7th District state house and 3rd District state senate races were identical to those on election night. In the 7th District, Democratic Representative John Arnold is still ahead by a mere five votes over Republican Tim Kline. Kline says he’ll decide what actions to take in the coming week.

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s office has received recanvass requests for two western Kentucky state races. Third district Democratic State Senator Joey Pendleton has asked for a recanvass after he lost to Republican Whitney Westerfield by just under 300 votes. Seventh district Republican House candidate Tim Kline lost by an even smaller margin of just five votes.

Pendleton Plans to Request Vote Recanvass

Nov 8, 2012

Kentucky Third District State Senator Joey Pendleton plans to request a recanvass after he narrowly lost in Tuesday’s election. Pendleton, a five-term Democratic incumbent, lost by around 300 votes to Republican newcomer Whitney Westerfield. Pendleton tells the Kentucky New Era he owes it to his voters to ask for the recanvass, a process that checks for accuracy. Pendleton adds that if it shows a 150-vote gap or less, he’ll ask for an official recount.