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The risk of a real estate bubble in top global cities has increased significantly in the past five years, according to an annual report by UBS Wealth Management.

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  A new report out from the left-leaning Commonwealth Fund finds more than 32,000 jobs could be lost in Kentucky by 2026 if the U.S. Senate passes its proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Most of those jobs would be in healthcare, but the report found other fields, like real estate, could also be hit.

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Kentucky's real estate market is at an all time high according to the state's association of realtors.

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A northern Kentucky realtor with four decades of experience in the profession will head the newly-formed Kentucky Real Estate Authority. 

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Governor Matt Bevin issued an executive order Friday altering the Office of Occupations and Professions to form the Department of Professional Licensing and restructuring four real estate boards to establish a new Kentucky Real Estate Authority.

Are home prices cheap in your city right now?

It's common to answer this question by talking about how prices today compare with prices last year, or to look at how prices in your city compare with prices in other cities.

But there's another way to frame the question: Compare home prices with income. You would expect that the ratio would be similar in different places. In cities where incomes are higher, home prices should also be higher. In cities where incomes are lower, home prices should also be lower.