The Paducah Planning Commission tabled its discussion earlier this week on a plan to improve the downtown area. The Renaissance Area Master Plan has been in front of the commission for about eight months. Paducah Riverfront Development Authority director Steve Doolittle says the commission tabled the plan to sort out some outstanding issues such as riverfront properties that currently serve as parking lots.


Earlier this month, we spoke with Bruce Brockenborough and Steve Doolittle of the Paducah Riverfront Development Authority about a proposal to enhance the city’s downtown, lower town, and riverfront.  It’s called the Renaissance Area Master Plan, or RAMP, and while it has its supporters, it’s also drawn criticism.  Among those who’ve expressed reservations is retired journalist, and Paducah resident Bob Hopper.  

Paducah Riverfront Development Authority

The Paducah Riverfront Development Authority will submit its Renaissance Area Master Plan, or RAMP, to the city commission.  The RAMP’s purpose is to facilitate improved movement between Paducah’s historic downtown, the Lowertown Arts District, and the riverfront.  Officials with the PRDA hope this will in turn make Paducah a more attractive destination for tourists as well as a greater economic resource for current residents and those yet to become residents. To find out more about RAMP and its way forward, Todd Hatton sp

Paducah Riverfront Development Plan Postponed

Jun 5, 2012

The Paducah planning commission postponed a vote on a riverfront development plan at their meeting last night.