radioactive waste

BIll Hughes

  Radioactive waste illegally dumped in an Estill County landfill will likely stay in the ground after state regulators approved a corrective action plan last week.

The plan laid out two options: enclose the low-level radioactive material in the landfill, or excavate it and dump it somewhere else.

Fracking Waste Disposal: Still A Hot Mess

Feb 14, 2018
BIll Hughes

  The slogan for Estill County is “where the bluegrass kisses the mountains.” But since 2015 the county, population 15,000, is widely known as the place where radioactive material generated by the oil and gas industry in a process known as fracking was dumped near some schools.

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There is a fundamental disagreement over how radioactive waste at an Estill County landfill should be handled. State environmental officials and concerned citizens are taking opposing positions.

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The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has removed data from its website about the amount of low-level radioactive waste going into landfills.