Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Puppies sound good today, we met Sebastian, a little hound mix, mostly black with white tips on his tail, feet and nose and we welcome back another hound mix, Sadie, who was featured here in March. She's now 5 months old and was briefly adopted, though her home didn't work out (even though she was a very good girl). Sadie is very social and friendly and beginning puppy obedience class. Sebastian was sweet and cuddly, loved to sleep in your arms. The puppies met for the first time in the studio and played during the entire conversation with Kathy Hodge and Tracy Ross about a summer camp for kids and keeping your pets safe during 4th of July festivities.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Today, we meet Roxy, a (big) puppy up for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County. She's about 1 to 1/2 years old and weighs approximately 60 pounds. She was very pregnant when rescued from the shelter and within 24 hours, gave birth to eight puppies. Roxy was very sweet and excited to meet everyone at the station. She rolled on her back for belly rubs and had her tongue sticking out almost the entire time. She is house trained and crate trained, enjoys baths, likes cats and small dogs, has foster training with young kids and large dogs, and understands several commands. Humane Society director Kathy Hodge says she'd be a good fit for an energetic family. Hear more in Todd Hatton's Sounds Good conversation with Hodge.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Puppies sound good today! We meet Harry, a Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd mix. He's a 10 to 12 week-old puppy, white with heterochromatic eyes, and a few brown spots. He was very cuddly and laid-back when he came up to visit and fell asleep during his radio debut. He's available for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County. Executive Director Kathy Hodge stops by Sounds Good to talk with Todd Hatton about Harry, the Mutt Strut this Saturday, an Animal Health Technology Day, and how to prevent ticks and fleas.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

This month, we meet Sadie, a black and tan hound mix, roughly 10 or 11 weeks old. When this outgoing puppy came arrived, her tail never stopped wagging and she sniffed everything. She's a curious and happy puppy that loved getting treats and cuddles from the station crew. Kathy Hodge, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Calloway County, says she's in a foster home with a large and small dog and some cats and predicts she'll be 50 pounds when fully grown. She speaks with Todd Hatton about Sadie and also the Easter Bone Hunt event coming up and how to prepare your pets for emergency weather. 

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

This month, in our Puppies Sound Good special series, featuring one or more puppies available for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County, we meet a lab mix named Squirt. He was very friendly with WKMS staff members and loved being cuddled. He fell asleep in the lap of Humane Society Executive Director Kathy Hodge during the Sounds Good conversation. Squirt was found as a stray and has since been given shots and wormed. He's currently being socialized with other dogs in a foster home.

Our monthly feature, "Puppies Sound Good" brings Kathy Hodge from the Humane Society of Calloway County and a puppy (or puppies) available for adoption to our studio in search for a home. Today, we met Chester, a black lab. Hodge says he's about 12 weeks old, but was brought in as a stray so they don't know much about his ancestry. Chester was shy at first (seeing more humans in one room than he had his entire life) but after a few treats, he warmed right up and sat in Todd Hatton's lap during the interview. He seemed very relaxed and laid back. Kathy and Todd Hatton also talk about what's going on at the Humane Society and some advice for those thinking about pets as a Christmas gift.

Today on Sounds Good we met Howie, a fluffy golden retriever mix puppy, available for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County. Howie is mostly black, with white paws and a white chest. He was very cuddly and playful at WKMS, and one of the more relaxed puppies to visit the station. When the conversation began, Howie gave Todd Hatton puppy kisses and fell asleep next to his seat. Humane Society's Kathy Hodge says that's the kind of puppy he is. They also discuss upcoming events and activities for pets and their owners.

Second Wednesdays monthly, we meet one (or more) puppies up for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County, as well as an update on events and activities from director Kathy Hodge. Today, we met Mona, a miniature pinscher/terrier mix. Even though she's 12 weeks old, she's still incredibly tiny and will probably remain a small dog when fully grown. She was calm and curious in the studio, and appeared to enjoy being held by WKMS staff and students. Todd Hatton speaks with Kathy Hodge on Sounds Good.

This month's featured adoptable puppy is Stella, a 10 week old Doberman/Hound mix, available for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County. She was a stray found by a good Samaritan who turned her in to the Humane Society. She is currently in foster care with cats and is crate trained. She loves to play with toys and meet new people/pets. She has had her first shots, been wormed and is on flea preventative. Stella was very sweet at WKMS and enjoyed being loved on and picked up. She was very well behaved in the studio. Hear the conversation from Sounds Good:

Today we met two energetic boxer/terrier mix puppies on Sounds Good. Dallas (brown and white) and Fancy (black and white) are seven-week old brother and sisters who were rescued from a bad situation and are available for adoption at the Humane Society of Calloway County. You'd never guess they came into the world in a negative way because they are both very sweet, playful and friendly. Dallas was a little more energetic in the studio, but you can hear both of them contributing to the interview.