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A new whitepaper released by Kentucky regulators in draft form last week quantifies the economic effects of rising electricity prices on jobs in the state and around the country.


Paducah Power System customers should see a drop in their bills beginning in July after suffering from high bills during this year’s arctic winter. The company’s Power Cost Adjustment is dropping 40 percent.

The PCA is tied directly to the operating performance of its power supplier Prairie State Energy and covers the wholesale power cost so Paducah Power doesn’t have to change its base rates every month.

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Paducah Power System customers are facing a financial double whammy of cold temperatures and a limited power supply that’s costing them upwards of an extra $100 for one month.


Ameren Illinois said it made an additional $500,000 available to its neediest Central and Southern Illinois customers to help them pay their energy bills during the summer heat wave. Ameren Illinois President and CEO Richard Mark said the money comes as extreme heat in recent weeks has made life difficult for many of the utility's customers. The latest funds will be distributed through local support agencies, and eligible customers must meet federal low-income guidelines. For a four-person household, the maximum gross annual income is $49,500.