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There are no confirmed “yes” votes yet from state representatives in west Kentucky for Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed pension reform bill.

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Democratic State Senator Dorsey Ridley of west Kentucky said he would vote ‘no’ on Governor Matt Bevin’s pension reform bill as it currently stands.

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Kentucky Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover has settled a sexual harassment claim with a staffer according to a report published by the Courier-Journal.

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A Lexington lawmaker said published reports of a settlement by Republican House Speaker Jeff Hoover over sexual harassment allegations reflects a legislative culture that doesn’t fully understand the economic power and weight of women. 

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Hundreds of state employees and retirees rallied on the steps of the State Capitol Wednesday night, protesting Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed changes to the state’s troubled pension plans.

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As Kentucky lawmakers consider moving most future and thousands of current workers into 401(k)-style retirement plans, the commonwealth can look to a few other states that have had to address pension issues in the wake of the recession.

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Republican State Senator Stan Humphries of west Kentucky said he is open to Governor Matt Bevin’s pension reform bill, but has not yet decided how he will vote on the proposed measure.

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Teachers, retired educators, classified school workers, and administrators rallied in last week against proposed pension reforms. 

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WKMS News has added the following to this story for clarification: In addressing his position on the bill- prior to its release Friday night- Imes said “I think if the Governor had his wishes, if the bill was ready, we’d go into session on Monday. We have to go up there if he calls us, by virtue of the Constitution, but once we get up there on day one- if I don’t feel like I’ve had time to study that bill and be halfway prepared to vote on that bill and come back here and tell you why I voted the way I did, then I’d make a motion to adjourn the session and come back home.” In an email to WKMS, Imes further clarified “I wouldn’t vote for the bill if I didn’t have sufficient time and opportunity to read it in advance. Inasmuch as at that time (when I was speaking to the group) I had not yet seen the bill.”

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Governor Matt Bevin and state GOP leaders recently unveiled a proposal to overhaul the state's beleaguered pension systems. But what does it mean for teachers and other state workers? How will this plan affect people who aren't in the pension systems? Many agree something needs to be done about the state's pension crisis. So, if not this plan, then what could work as an alternative?