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A state senate panel has okayed a measure aimed at beefing up Kentucky’s laws against dogfighting. While the act of dog fighting is illegal across Kentucky, contributing activities are not. The Senate Agriculture Committee approved Tuesday legislation to prohibit owning, breeding, or training dogs for the purpose of fighting. 

Gov. Steve Beshear has vetoed part of a bill that appropriates money from Kentucky’s latest settlement with tobacco companies. 

Kentucky Senate Committee OKs Tobacco Settlement Bill

Mar 10, 2015

The Kentucky state Senate is poised to pass a bill that would restore funds to several programs associated with the 1998 tobacco settlement.

Revenue from the tobacco settlement has flagged as fewer people have bought cigarettes in the state, leading to shortfalls in programs dealing with agriculture, early childhood, cancer research and programs that help people quit smoking.

“It’s what our revenue’s based on and as that goes down, the divisions to each one of those agencies goes down also,” said Sen. Paul Hornback, a Republican from Shelbyville who sponsored the bill.

Kentucky Farm Bureau officials say the lack of a budget because of the partial government shutdown is preventing farmers from getting loans they need through federal agencies like the Natural Resources Conservation Service or Farm Service Agency.

KFB’s National Affairs and Political Education Director Joe Cain said farmers interested in signing up for government programs are at a loss because many federal employees are furloughed.

Advocates for more wireless and broadband options in Kentucky will once again push a bill reforming the state's telecommunications laws—specifically, removing language that requires old-school land-line service throughout the state.

Citizens for a Digital Future unveiled the legislation today, which is sponsored by state Sen. Paul Hornback, a Republican from Shelbyville.