party affiliation

Nodar Kherkheulidze, Wikimedia Commons

A federal appeals court has struck down a rule preventing judicial candidates in Kentucky from declaring a political affiliation.  

But a three-judge panel of the 6th U-S Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati upheld rules blocking judicial candidates from making financial contributions to other candidates or hosting political fundraisers.  

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This Wednesday - New Year's Eve - is the deadline to switch your party affiliation for next May’s primary election in Kentucky, due to the state’s “closed” primary system.

Party Label Important in Voter's Decision

Oct 15, 2012

A Murray State University visiting professor says party label is the most important part of a voter’s decision in an election. Dr. Drew Seib researches how voters make their decisions. Seib says voters are more likely to vote and research candidates in a partisan election than in a non-partisan election. Seib says after party I. D., the economy is the strongest factor in a voter’s decision.