parking lot gun bill

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says excluding college campuses from a bill allowing employees to keep firearms in their vehicles at work is vital. Haslam says he expects lawmakers to compromise on the bill that caused consternation earlier this year. The business lobby opposes the National Rifle Association-backed measure because they say it intrudes on their property rights. Gun advocates argue banning guns in company lots leave workers unarmed during their commute.

Tennessee Lawmakers Trying to Finish Up

Apr 30, 2012

With Tennessee lawmakers on the verge of adjourning several weeks earlier than usual, end-of-session wrangling is as intense as ever. Budget disagreements between the two chambers led to the first conference committee on the spending plan since the acrimonious debate over the income tax more than a decade ago. And several contentious measures, including the guns-in-parking-lots bill, could still crop up before the Assembly concludes its business. The Knoxville News Sentinel reports the "Don't Say Gay" bill will won't come back up though.