Beginning in January, electronic death reporting becomes mandatory across Kentucky.  The move from a manual paper based system to e-filing primarily affects funeral homes, coroners, and doctors. 


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Computer based record keeping continues to grow within Kentucky medical community. Kentucky’s Health Information Exchange is the organization charged with coordinating this electronic data. State Health I.T. Coordinator Polly Mullins-Bentley says 65 out of 100 acute care hospitals are tied into the system.

Clarksville’s Police Department is going paperless in an effort to cut down times for traffic stops and help the City Court become more efficient.  Police Chief Al Ansley tells the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle he hopes to have the paperless traffic stops in place soon.  He says it will cut down the time it takes to issue a citation from fifteen minutes down to five and eliminate time-consuming data entry for city clerks.  Ansley also says the paperless system will save the department money on ticket books.  He says the department has ordered 148 printers, one for each patrol officer, that pri