Paducah City Commission

Matt Markgraf, WKMS news

  The Paducah Board of Commissioners is considering zoning ordinances that would change Midtown from a residential area to commercial. The City Planning Commission is recommending that approximately 10 acres encompassing parts of Kentucky Avenue, Clark Street and South 31st street be rezoned from a low and medium density residential zone to a convenience and service zone.


  The Paducah Board of Commissioners has approved an extension for City Manager Jeff Pederson’s employment agreement through the rest of this year’s budget season.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

A discussion over the fate of the statue of Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman dominated a Paducah City Commission meeting Tuesday night. A diverse audience of black and white individuals made up a well-attended meeting. Some weighed in on the issue of Confederate symbols during the public comment period and others wanted to hear what city officials had to say.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

The Paducah Board of Commissioners issued a statement on Wednesday condemning racial hatred and violence in the wake of events in Charlottesville, Virginia

Paducah City Hall

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance Tuesday night for a Project Partnership Agreement between the Department of the Army and the City of Paducah for a floodwall reconstruction project.

Author: Monika M. Wahi, via Wikimedia Commons

City officials in Paducah have drafted a proposed ordinance broadening the domain for food trucks. Planning Director Steve Ervin made the proposal in a City Commission meeting Tuesday night. 

Paducah City Commission Meeting, via YouTube

Paducah City Commissioners are discussing plans for the city’s next revitalization efforts. City Planning Director Steve Ervin presented work from the Planning Department and the Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency at a meeting Tuesday night. 

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Paducah’s next mayor and new city commissioner will be sworn into office Tuesday. Family Court Judge Deanna Wise Henschel will administer the oaths to incoming mayor Brandi Harless, returning commissioners Richard Abraham, Allan Rhodes, Sandra Wilson and incoming commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland.

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Incumbents pulled the highest vote totals of the twelve primary candidates for Paducah City Commission.  The top 8 will move on to the general election. 

Author: Monika M. Wahi, via Wikimedia Commons

Paducah city officials are considering drafting an ordinance to expand the use of food trucks in the city.

Right now, mobile food vending is allowed only on a couple stretches of Hinkleville and Lone Oak roads in what’s known as highway business districts.