Murray City Council


Two cities in west Kentucky have a considerable number of candidates vying for seats on their city councils.

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A food processing facility in Murray associated with a national supermarket chain is expanding in Murray and city officials have agreed to help. 

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After months of heated debate, the Murray City Council passed the controversial payroll tax ordinance Thursday night. 

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

The Murray City Council approved Thursday night to draft an ordinance for a one-percent payroll tax, an ordinance to eliminate city stickers and a resolution to lower various taxes (property, vehicle and insurance as recommended by the committee). These ordinances would need to pass twice before they are enacted.


Update: The Calloway County Fiscal Court approved a resolution Tuesday night calling for the city council to place the proposed payroll tax on the ballot in the next general election.  (Details in a new post later tonight) 

  The Murray-Calloway Chamber of Commerce is opposing the proposed city payroll tax. The Chamber issued a release Tuesday that said the majority of their members have concerns over the implementation of the tax, privacy and the accuracy of the estimated amount that will be garnered.

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The first phase of Murray’s $61 million wastewater treatment plant expansion is expected to be operation by the end of June. 

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The Murray City Council has authorized a big move for the city hall and police department. In a special meeting Monday night, the council ruled in favor to move city hall into the former BB&T building downtown and move the police department into the current city hall. The resolution says both agencies needed more space. City council member Linda Cherry said the plan has been “in the talks” for a while.


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Plans for converting a busy street through Murray State's campus into a boulevard are nearing completion, though funding for the project remains uncertain. 

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The Murray City Council has for now tabled discussion of a proposed payroll tax while approving the sale of alcohol on Sundays.  

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The Murray City Council hosted an overflow crowd Thursday night at its specially-called work meeting centered on the possibility of instituting a new occupational tax for city workers.