Medicaid expansion

9:13 am
Mon September 1, 2014

Gov. Haslam Says He’s Sending Medicaid Expansion Plan To Obama Officials This Fall

Gov. Bill Haslam said on Thursday that he plans on sending federal health officials a proposal for expanding Medicaid this fall.

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Health Care
2:49 pm
Wed December 11, 2013

Western Kentucky Short on Primary Care Physicians, Training Programs


Under the Affordable Care Act, Kentucky chose to expand Medicaid eligibility, which means an additional 308,000 Kentuckians will qualify for health care coverage Jan. 1.

But with more patients able to visit primary care physicians comes a problem. There aren’t enough doctors.

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1:35 pm
Thu July 4, 2013

Vanderbilt Medical Center Cuts Jobs


Vanderbilt University Medical Center has cut an unspecified number of jobs across departments at the academic medical center.

Vanderbilt spokesman John Howser told The Tennessean the cuts were not considered layoffs. Howser said Vanderbilt, one of the city's largest private employers, was taking steps to address workplace performance.

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2:39 pm
Mon April 29, 2013

Group Pushes for Medicaid Expansion

A leading health organization in Kentucky is putting the pressure on Gov. Steve Beshear to expand Medicaid services under the Affordable Care Act. 

Kentucky Voices for Health Executive Director Regan Hunt says her group is launching a two-week radio ad campaign pressure Beshear to expand Medicaid. The radio ad campaign will be partnered with a month long online ad campaign.

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2013 TN General Assembly
4:16 pm
Mon April 8, 2013

Nashville Clergy Ask Lawmakers WWJD on Medicaid Expansion

Credit A.Davey Wikimedia Commons

Would Jesus expand Tennessee’s Medicaid program? That’s the question a left-leaning clergy group is asking the General Assembly, and they believe the answer is yes.

Pastors and priests delivered baskets of bread loaves and paper fish to each legislator. The attempted biblical parallel is to the miracle of feeding the 5,000.

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8:59 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Illinois Senate Approves Medicaid Expansion

Credit Wikimedia Commons

An expansion of Medicaid under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is one step closer in Illinois. The state Senate passed the expansion 40 - 19 yesterday. The bill now goes to the House.

Nearly 2.8 million Illinois residents are currently covered by Medicaid, the government health program for the poor and disabled. And starting in 2014, an estimated 600,000 uninsured Illinois residents would be newly eligible for coverage. The expansion would mainly benefit low-income adults who don't have children at home.

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7:35 am
Tue February 5, 2013

Haslam May Have No Chance to Expand Medicaid

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam may be able to negotiate beneficial terms for the state to participate in federally-funded Medicaid expansion. But his GOP colleagues in the Legislature may not let him get to that point. Republican bills before both chambers of the General Assembly would prohibit the governor from pursuing an expansion to TennCare, the state's expanded Medicaid program.

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