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A new report shows thousands of people across the Commonwealth lost their dental and vision coverage as well as transportation assistance in the recent Medicaid expansion rollbacks issued by Governor Matt Bevin’s administration.


It’s been almost two years since Gov. Matt Bevin first submitted complex changes to the Medicaid program in Kentucky, seven months since those changes were approved and a couple days since a federal court struck down the changes. Over the weekend, the state announced it’s eliminating dental and vision benefits for some enrollees. WFPL's Lisa Gillespie has more on the confusion the cuts are causing.

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State and city leaders gathered in Louisville Monday to voice opposition to Gov. Matt Bevin’s decision to take away dental and vision benefits from Medicaid recipients who gained coverage under the expansion.

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  Starting on Sunday, Kentuckians with Medicaid who gained coverage because of the expansion will lose access to dental and vision benefits following a Friday court ruling striking down Gov. Matt Bevin’s changes to the program.

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Kentucky’s top health official says the state will cut benefits to Medicaid recipients if a federal court strikes down changes to the program set to roll out on July 1.


 A federal judge could decide this week if Kentucky can move forward with changes to its Medicaid program. 

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This week in Kentucky politics, Gov. Matt Bevin said he’s partnering with a former Democratic congressman to help people navigate the state’s new Medicaid rules. We found out that lobbyists set a new spending record at the state legislature as lawmakers made changes to the tax code. Plus, a state-funded aluminum mill broke ground in northeastern Kentucky and  Bevin asked for a judge to recuse himself from the lawsuit over the new pension bill.

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Ahead of the July 1 start date for changes to Kentucky’s Medicaid program, Gov. Matt Bevin has announced a partnership with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky to help educate enrollees on new requirements and assist some in making mandated payments to keep Medicaid insurance.


Governor Matt Bevin will announce a Medicaid waiver partnership with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky on Wednesday.

The Trump administration has made clear it would like to remake the American health care system. There's been the protracted battle over the Affordable Care Act. Now, there are some new moves on the future of Medicaid.

On Monday, the federal government released decisions on requests from two states to change the way they administer the health care program for low-income people.

The first decision came on lifetime caps. Kansas wanted to cut off Medicaid benefits for some people after 36 months.