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Years after a sexual harassment scandal shook the Legislative Research Commission, the state agency’s new director has released a report saying that morale is up among employees.

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As part of the second week of the 2016 General Assembly, members of the Kentucky House have undergone anti-harassment training.  The annual exercise stirs memories of previous sexual harassment allegations.

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The 2016 Kentucky General Assembly session is underway in Frankfort.  Senate majority leaders say they will unveil their legislative agenda Wednesday.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer says priority bills are likely to focus on issues such as right to work, medical review of malpractice claims, repealing prevailing wage, and religious freedom.

The Legislative Research Commission has launched its first official YouTube channel, adding another way for Kentuckians to stay connected with their state legislature.

The channel ‘LRC Capitol Connection’ provides videos focusing on the Kentucky General Assembly, legislative issues and state lawmakers.  

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The new director of the Legislative Research Commission says the state agency needs to get its “swagger back” after a years-long sexual harassment scandal and reports of low morale.

The LRC runs much of the administration at the state Capitol and also manages staffers who work for state lawmakers.

  Newly released depositions of a former state official and a former state lawmaker shed a fresh light on sexual harassment allegations and a workplace plagued by low morale at the Legislative Research Commission.

LRC Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Officially Dismissed

Sep 17, 2015

After nearly two years, sexual harassment lawsuits brought against three Democratic state representatives, a state official and the agency that runs administrative service at the Capitol were officially dismissed last week.

The lawsuits were settled out of court in early summer, with the state agreeing to pay $400,000 to three women who say they were sexually harassed and retaliated against for taking action.

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State legislators have made a preliminary choice for the new director of the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. 

The General Assembly has agreed to hire David A. Byerman as the next LRC director pending ratification of the full committee.

  The leaders of Kentucky’s two legislative chambers have whittled down the list of candidates to be the next director of the Legislative Research Commission.

The new director will be tasked with reforming the state agency. A performance audit of the LRC detailed communication problems, lack of pay equity, opaque hiring practices and unclear career paths for young employees in the state agency.


  Parties in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the state Legislative Research Commission and legislators announced in June that a settlement had been reached.

But more than a month later, the settlement is still not official because not all of the defendants have signed it, said Thomas Clay, the attorney for the plaintiffs.