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A renewed push is on to bring a National Basketball Association franchise to Louisville.

More than 20 local investors have contributed $750,000 in seed money to start the initiative.

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Legislation calling for state regulation of online eye exams using a cell phone app has emerged from the House Health and Family Services Committee. 

The next-generation Ford Focus will be built in China and exported for sale in the U.S., Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday, abandoning a plan to build the small car in Mexico. Production of the new car is scheduled to begin in 2019.

Ford says the move will save it $1 billion in investment costs and will make it "a more operationally fit company." It also promises that "no U.S. hourly employees will be out of a job" because of the move to China.

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Passengers on a United Express flight from Chicago to Louisville, Ky., were horrified when a man was forcibly removed — violently wrenched from his seat and physically dragged down the aisle — apparently to clear a seat for airline staff. Videos of the scene have prompted calls to boycott United Airlines.

On Twitter, a representative of the United said the flight in question was "overbooked" and that "one customer refused to leave."

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UPDATE: President Donald Trump will not be coming to Kentucky this weekend, despite earlier reports saying he would.

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Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer gave an impassioned speech in support of immigrants and refugees at a public rally Monday night, drawing cheers from an estimated 5,000 attendees with his plea to “treat everybody like you want to be treated.”

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Several dozen protesters have gathered at Louisville International Airport, chanting "no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here" in opposition to President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration. 

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Members of the Louisville Tea Party are excited after Republican victories up and down the ticket on Election Day. But they also expressed a need for vigilance to make sure elected officials follow through on campaign promises.

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A video that was taken earlier this week at a Donald Trump rally in Louisville quickly went viral. In it, a young African-American woman is seen being pushed and yelled at by a group of white men. The woman is Shiya Nwanguma. She talked to Jaison Gardner and Kaila Story, hosts of member station WFPL’s race and gender talk show Strange Fruit, about why she went to the rally and how the events unfolded.

Update at 7:21 p.m. ET. Jobs to be lost in deal:

Baseball's most iconic bat has a new owner. Monday, Hillerich & Bradsby Co., which owns Louisville Slugger, announced the brand would be acquired by Wilson Sporting Goods Co. for $70 million in cash. The move means that Wilson, maker of Major League Baseball's official glove, will soon own the maker of MLB's official bat.

Jacob Ryan of NPR member station WFPL reports that some jobs will be lost in the acquisition: