DACA Supporters Rally in Lexington

Sep 6, 2017

As in many communities across Kentucky and the nation, supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals took to the streets of Lexington last night. 

The outcry comes in the wake of the Trump administration’s announcement Tuesday to phase DACA out in six months.

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Fayette County health officials are confirming a case of West Nile virus in a Lexington resident. West Nile is known to be transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. This is the first confirmed case of West Nile in 2017 in the Lexington area.

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Lexington's council has voted to proceed with plans to move two Confederate statues from a historic downtown site.

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Lexington’s governing body has taken a first step toward removing two Confederate statues from the lawn of a former courthouse. 

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Hundreds of people gathered in Lexington’s courthouse square Monday evening to remember those who died in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend in connection with a white supremacists’ rally. The almost two-hour event included singing, chanting, candle lighting and comments from politicians, spiritual leaders and social activists.

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Democratic Lexington Mayor Jim Gray says he is taking steps to remove confederate statues in the city.

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As Vice President Mike Pence prepared for an event in Lexington today at a party supply center, a small crowd gathered outside. Kimberley Spencer works at an elementary school cafeteria in Lexington and showed up to protest the event.

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Water professionals from communities across Kentucky and Tennessee are meeting in Lexington this week. Officials from many of these towns are, like Lexington, involved in major sewer overhauls.

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission, via Facebook

The Lexington Human Rights Commission is asking the state supreme court to hear its case against a local print store. 

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

Hundreds of health care and other officials gathered in Lexington Thursday for a Zika Summit.