Firefighters say they’ve contained weekend wildfires that burned more than 250 acres of woodlands in northern parts of The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Extra Water Keeps LBL Animals Cool

Jul 30, 2012

Land Between the Lakes wildlife management workers say extra water is keeping their captive animals cool. LBL manages over 100 bison and around 35 elk, as well as numerous species at its Nature Station. Wildlife technician Curtis Fowler said so far the bison and elk are doing well in the heat

Land Between the Lakes officials are giving the public a final chance to comment on suggestions for budget cuts and fee increases at the park.

The Land Between the Lakes Nature Station has delighted visitors for many years with events such as nature hikes and its Hummingbird Festival. But now, some officials behind those events are using pop culture to boost interest. Casey Northcutt reports on their quirky mixture of wildlife and television that turned the Nature Station into the “Nature Stadium.”

Afternoon Round-Up 6/1/12

Jun 1, 2012
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Today on NPR: Wal-Mart To Leave Conservative Legislative Group


Four Rivers Region:

Land Between the Lakes officials are compiling all the budget reduction suggestions from their recent public meetings and online survey over the next few weeks.

NPR reports one year after the death of Osama Bin Laden, officials are fighting Al-Quaida on two levels; the physical and the ideological. 

LBL officials will hold a public meeting this evening to discuss ways to address a fifty percent cut to the park's maintenance budget. The meeting is the final of four scheduled to seek public input on how to reduce spending and better manage funds. Thus far, officials say park users have been supportive, though numbers at the meetings have been low. The park has around two million visitors each year. Tonight’s meeting is from 5-7 at the Senior/Community Center in Grand Rivers.

Less than 25 people have offered comments at public meetings on budget cuts to Land Between the Lakes national recreation area. LBL officials have held two meetings to discuss a 50% cut to the park's maintenance budget which totals around $750,000. The park hosts almost 2 million visitors each year.  12 people attended the last meeting, LBL Public Affairs Specialist Nicole Hawk says she thinks public awareness is increasing.

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area could see a change in services in the coming months as federal maintenance funds for the park are cut in half. At a public meeting last night, Forest Service officials met with area residents to determine what park users don't want to lose... and what they can live without. LBL Area Supervisor Bill Lisowski says the cuts were made to the park maintenance account. Lisowski says the maintenance fund covers everything in the park from roadwork to campsite upkeep.