Lacy Elementary

A Christian County judge has dismissed the lawsuit against the county’s school board over a decision to close three district schools.

Updated 2:48 p.m.

The Christian County Board of Education’s lawyer has denied allegations that it wrongfully made plans to close Lacy Elementary School.

Attorney Jack Lackey’s response says the board of education does not have enough information to determine if some of the allegations are true, including the school board members’ surprise at the facility’s age and their comment that student’s “would survive” long bus rides to school.

A group of Christian County residents has filed a lawsuit this week against the county school system for its plans to close Lacy Elementary.

Their complaint alleges the school met all requirements to be a permanent center but the school board named it a transitional center. But labeling the facility transitional is required for its closing.

Christian County Schools will close two elementary schools in its district. The school board voted 3-to-2 last night to shutter Lacy and Holiday Elementary Schools in 2015.  

Communications Director Heather Lancaster said the board’s decision was difficult but was based on a needs-to-costs evaluation conducted by the school district’s facilities planning committee.

The Christian County Board of Education has named Marie Grubbs as the new principal of Lacy Elementary School.  Grubbs is currently the assistant principal at McNabb Elementary School in Paducah.  

Lacy Elementary in Hopkinsville will remain open for now.

The Christian County Board of Education voted 3-2 at a meeting Tuesday night in favor of keeping the school open. Lacy's closure would have been the first phase of a redistricting plan that would see four different Christian County elementary schools closed and bundled together.

Five of six Christian County School Board redistricting plans include closing Lacy Elementary School. The proposals discussed at a school board meeting last night aim to control facility costs while attempting to zone students closer to their homes.

Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill said that the board did not vote on the proposal and redistricting discussions are not included in the board's next meeting agenda. Communications director Heather Aubin said the proposals include closing one to four elementary schools including Lacy, Belmont, Indian Hills and Holiday and restructuring middle schools.

Christian County Struggles to Replace Schools

Nov 26, 2012

Two Christian County elementary schools are about to turn 50, the age that marks the time for replacing facilities. Christian County Public School facilities director Dan Damron says the district adheres to a 50-year policy for its buildings. The state mandates a school’s structure must last at least 30 years, but after that time the district can make no major renovations. They can only maintain the current structure. Damron says it is often cheaper to replace a school than to maintain it.