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Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has started an education and advocacy campaign called Save Kentucky Healthcare. The campaign says it will work on a grassroots level to inform Kentuckians of the impacts of dismantling key parts of Kentucky's health reform.

Former Governor Steve Beshear is forming a new initiative to educate Kentuckians about the effects of dismantling Kynect and altering Medicaid expansion. 

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  Governor Matt Bevin’s promise to dismantle Kynect has not left Murray Calloway County Hospital untouched. However, CEO Jerry Penner says Bevin’s promise won’t diminish patient volume or care.

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The deadline to enroll in health insurance coverage through Kentucky’s state-sponsored exchange is midnight this Sunday.  

This is kynect’s final open-enrollment period for individuals as Governor Matt Bevin has notified the federal government he intends to dismantle the exchange established by his predecessor Steve Beshear.

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has notified the federal government that Kentucky will dismantle its state health insurance exchange, Kynect.

The move will direct Kentuckians seeking health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, to use the federal health insurance site,

More than 500,000 people have gotten health insurance through Kynect.

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  Gov. Matt Bevin on Wednesday said he intends to ask the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to “transform the way in which Medicaid is delivered in Kentucky.”

Reshaping the Medicaid expansion instituted by his predecessor, Steve Beshear, was a key promise of Bevin’s earlier this year as he sought the governorship.

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Kentuckians seeking health coverage at the start of 2016 must enroll today to avoid a fine. One of the Commonwealth’s previous affordable providers, Kentucky Health Cooperative, opted out of participating in the state’s healthcare exchange called Kynect, leaving at least 51-thousand people in need of a new insurer.

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More than two-thirds of Kentucky residents don’t want the state to roll back its expanded Medicaid system, according to a poll released Friday.

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Gov. Matt Bevin on Tuesday touted policy goals ranging from health insurance reform to charter schools in his inaugural address, saying they will give Kentucky a “fresh start.”

Kentucky Gov.-elect Matt Bevin, who takes office Dec. 8, plans to dismantle the state's successful health insurance exchange and shift consumers to the federal one. It's a campaign promise that has sparked controversy in the state.

Supporters of Kentucky's exchange, called Kynect, have asked Bevin to reconsider. They say the exchange created under Obamacare and an expansion of Medicaid have improved public health by dramatically increasing the number of Kentuckians with health coverage.