Kentucky Public Service Commission

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Residents in the Clinton area of Hickman County will soon see a lower monthly water bill.  

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has issued a settlement granting Water Service Corp a 16.7% revenue increase, which is a third smaller than the 24.6% requested by the utility.  

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The Kentucky Public Service Commission has scheduled meetings in Louisville and Lexington for the public to weigh in on plans by utilities Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities to shut down their coal ash ponds at several power plants. 

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Louisville will be getting up to 10 more public electric vehicle charging stations.

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The Kentucky Public Service Commission has raised a surcharge on all phone lines from 8 cents to 14 cents to keep afloat a fund to help low-income consumers access telephone service.


Kentuckians who heat their homes with natural gas will see lower prices this heating season than they did last winter.  

The Public Service Commission reports natural gas prices are down more than a third from this time a year ago.  

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The Kentucky House passed a bill Tuesday evening that would free telephone companies of the requirement to offer basic phone service to many of Kentucky’s densely populated areas.

Since 2006, major telephone providers like AT&T have been required by the state’s Public Service Commission to offer basic service like unlimited local calling, operator assistance and 9-1-1. Now, carriers are asking to be freed of that regulation so they can invest in their wireless networks.

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has selected a consulting firm to audit the management of Big Rivers Electric Corporation after the company lost two of its largest customers. 

Massachusetts-based Concentric Energy Advisers will begin the focused management audit later this month.

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As public outcry continues over high Paducah Power System residential bills, disgruntled customers remain stuck with the provider, even if they wanted to switch. 

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Ballard County's smallest water district is closer to shutting down and leaving its 40 rural customers without service.

Atmos Energy Annual Rate Increase Approved

Apr 23, 2014
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Atmos Energy Corporation customers will see their bills rise after the company won approval for an $8 point 5 million annual revenue increase. The Kentucky Public Service Commission PSC stated that the adjusted rates will be “fair, just and reasonable.”