Kentucky Nature Conservancy

Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund, via Facebook

Many state supported organizations are facing significant funding cuts as outlined in Governor Matt Bevin’s budget plan. One such group made its case for funding preservation to lawmakers last week. 

Marcus Obal, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Prescribed or controlled burning could be expanded across Kentucky under a bill making its way through the state general assembly. Proponents say the process carries an ecological impact.

Col.  Steven T. King is taking over command of the Wendell H Regional Training Center in Muhlenberg Sunday.

LBL Forest Service

The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky is planning to close on a deal today to acquire 4,241 acres of forest in Crittenden County. The $13.4 million deal is the largest in the Conservancy’s 38-year history in the state.

The parcel is being bought from The Forestland Group, a timber investment company. Referred to as Phase 2 of the Big Rivers Corridor Project, the parcel of land was ranked as the number one priority in the United States Forest Service’s Forest Legacy Program. The transaction is funded through the Conservancy’s land protection fund and in part by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.