Kentucky Labor Cabinet

Kentucky Labor Cabinet, via Facebook

Kentucky’s labor secretary is trying to get more employers to offer apprenticeship programs that provide employment and on-the-job training for new workers entering an industry.

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The Kentucky Labor Cabinet will release a monthly report on the amount of unpaid wages it collects and returns employees each month.

Kentucky Labor Cabinet

  Governor Matt Bevin’s administration is counting on a growing apprenticeship program to help fill Kentucky’s future workforce needs.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Labor Cabinet

A Madisonville clothing manufacturing facility has received a Governor's Safety and Health Award for the second year in a row. 

Kentucky Labor Cabinet Deputy Secretary Mike Nemes presented the award to Carhartt's Madisonville Cutting Facility Thursday for 669,980 consecutive hours without lost time injury or illness.

The new secretary for Kentucky’s Labor Cabinet is a firm believer in apprenticeship and mentorship programs for young people.  

Derrick Ramsey offered testimony this week before the Senate Tourism, Economic Development, and Labor Committee.  

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A federal agency’s landmark decision will allow the Northwestern University football team to seek unionization. Kentucky college athletes currently cannot do the same.

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A Providence-based salvage company has been cited by the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection for federal and state health violations for the safe-removal of asbestos. 


The Kentucky Division for Air Quality and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration are investigating a Webster County salvage company after the possibly unauthorized demolition of a building containing asbestos in Madisonville earlier this month.

The Hopkins County-Madisonville Library is one step closer to resuming renovation on its new location after making a $28,000 dollar payment on its nearly $100,000 prevailing wage judgment.

When construction on the library’s new home began, Library Board President Carolyn Ferrell said the board misunderstood the prevailing wage requirements, which apply to public projects with budgets larger than $250,000.  

Ferrell said board and library foundation members met with Jerald Adkins with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet in Frankfort last week to discuss payment options for the rest of the bill.

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The Madisonville Public Library Board is trying to cut a $98, 904 prevailing wage bill against them. The Kentucky Cabinet of Labor determined in May that the library’s renovation project is subject to prevailing wage and conducted an audit of what they believe the board owed to their contractors.  Library board attorney Randall Hardesty said the board is now trying to get the Cabinet’s calculation lowered.