Kentucky House of Representatives

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A day after Gov. Matt Bevin signed a bill overhauling retirement benefits for public workers, Attorney General Andy Beshear has filed a lawsuit to try and block it.



A bill limiting how much outside attorneys can earn when hired by the state was passed by Kentucky's Republican lawmakers on Thursday, despite objections that it would hurt the attorney general's ability to win large awards from corporate wrongdoers.


The Kentucky House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that would begin charging people for multiple handicap parking placards.

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A Kentucky bill requiring pawnbrokers to report loans and purchases to an Internet database passed the Senate on Friday.

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A bill in Kentucky regarding high school students pursuing military service passed in the House on Friday and will advance to the Senate.

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People flying drones over key infrastructure sites without permission could face jail time under a bill passed by the Kentucky House.

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The Kentucky House has approved a two-year spending plan Thursday, which includes a 50-cent increase to the cigarette tax. Under this measure, the state tax on a pack of cigarettes would increase to $1.10.

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The Kentucky House has passed a bill to expand rape statutes to include instances when older adults have sex with 16 or 17 year olds.

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  A Marshall County media businessman is the second Republican to enter the race for the 6th District State House seat.


  A special committee in the state House of Representatives will investigate whether Republican House Speaker Jeff Hoover sexually harassed a former staffer.