Kentucky General Assembly

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Kentucky legislators are being asked to bring Kentucky into federal compliance for certain aspects of the federal pipeline safety act. Legislation addressing those issues passed the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee last week.

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A new bill making its way through the Kentucky General Assembly would require schools to teach students so-called “essential skills,” like dressing appropriately, avoiding drugs and being punctual. It’s training that some Louisville business leaders say is much-needed.

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A bill on its way to the Kentucky House changes the financial requirements for establishing a public entertainment district. The legislation passed out of the Senate last week.

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  This week in Frankfort, lawmakers began to consider bills that would make it harder for people to sue for medical malpractice and other types of damages; a handful of school districts would be able to borrow money from the state to stay afloat under a new proposal; and there’s still no pension bill a little over a month into the legislative session.

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The Kentucky House Natural Resources Committee has advanced a controversial bill that would scale back Kentucky’s solar net metering program, making it eligible for a vote from the full Kentucky House of Representatives.

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State lawmakers would be able to limit the amount of damages awarded when Kentuckians sue people or companies under a constitutional amendment that passed a legislative committee on Wednesday.

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Kentucky students would be required to learn about the Holocaust and other acts of genocide under a bill making its way through the state Capitol.

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Three lawmakers have been added to a committee that has been considering a controversial bill that would scale back how much households with solar panels are reimbursed for producing excess energy for the electrical grid.

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed allowing casinos to open in Kentucky so the state can glean gambling tax revenue for its ailing pension systems.

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Nearly 300 candidates filed to run for a spot in the state legislature this year as all 100 seats in the state House of Representatives and half of the 38 seats in the state Senate are up for election.