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A multi-county outbreak of Hepatitis A remains ongoing with the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) now reporting 117 cases.

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The Kentucky Department for Public Health has declared an outbreak of acute hepatitis A, with cases reported in multiple counties, including Christian, McCracken and Hopkins. 


Kentuckians should have a better idea about where flu outbreaks occur this winter. Officials with the Kentucky Department for Public Health will publish an online weekly influenza surveillance report, to be updated each Friday before noon.

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State health officials in Kentucky say there's a new way to keep track of flu outbreaks.

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Kentuckians headed to tropical locales for spring break are being reminded to take precautions against the Zika virus. Travelers are advised to prevent mosquito bites and unprotected sexual contact if venturing to areas where the Zika virus has been identified.

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  Christian County Health Department Director Mike Pyle is resigning his post to work in Frankfort. Pyle will serve as Deputy Commissioner for the Kentucky Department for Public Health. During his nine-year tenure in Christian County, the health department became the 68th health department in the country and 8th in Kentucky to receive national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board. Christian County Health Department Health Education Manager Amanda Bassingthwaite will serve as temporarily director until the position is filled.

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The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center is receiving $400,000 from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant to implement programs studying violent fatalities in the state, but not those caused by guns.

KIPRC is a partnership between the state Department for Public Health and University of Kentucky’s College of Public Health.

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The Kentucky Department for Public Health is awarding one of five $160,000 grants to the Purchase District Health Department to fund a children's oral health program. 

The Kentucky Department for Public Health is hosting a televised workshop to address communicating with vulnerable populations during public health emergencies and other disasters.

The Oct. 29 workshop will offer members of the Kentucky Outreach and Information Network the opportunity to share ideas to improve outreach to vulnerable populations, including the blind and mentally unhealthy.

The meeting will be led from the Kentucky Department for Public Health in Frankfort and broadcast to ITV sites at local health departments across the state.

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State Health Department officials are looking for the cause of increased Salmonella cases in the region. Purchase District Health Department Epidemiologist Brandi Earp says they’re examining reported cases this summer to try to find any links between them. She says while the number of cases is high, they’re not considering it an outbreak. She says,

“Kentucky Department for Public Health would just like to share that they’re seeing a little bit more increase in Salmonella cases than usual, and they just want to heighten awareness for the public and for providers.”