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Local government pension funds would break away from the Kentucky Retirement Systems under a bill headed to the Kentucky Senate after winning committee approval. 

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With commanding majorities in the Kentucky legislature, Republican lawmakers will try to find ways to fix the state’s ailing pension systems during the upcoming General Assembly.

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A resolution seeking a U.S. constitutional amendment on campaign spending limits is before Kentucky House members.  The measure aims to reduce so called ‘dark money’ in political campaigns.

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  Six state lawmakers are being tasked with finding solutions to Kentucky’s under-funded retirement system for public school teachers. 

Legislators debated a plan in this year’s General Assembly session that would have borrowed more than $3 billion in bonds to shore up KTRS.

A proposal to cap Kentucky's debt has hit a roadblock in the House.

The House Appropriations and Revenue committee took up Senate Bill 1 today. The bill wouldn't allow the state to accrue debt worth more than six percent of the general fund revenue, but doesn't cap debt in the road fund or most education budgets.

The bill easily sailed through the Senate, a point bill sponsor Senator Joe Bowen made to the House committee.