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The 2017 legislative session concluded last night, and a bevy of bills now await Gov. Matt Bevin’s signature or veto. A bill that would have limited the attorney general’s powers did not pass.

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The Republican-led Kentucky legislature yesterday voted overwhelmingly to override all four of Gov. Matt Bevin’s vetoes to bills put on his desk so far this year.

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Republican leaders in both the Kentucky Senate and House are hailing the 2017 session as successful.

With the clock ticking on this year’s General Assembly, a charter schools bill will be given its first hearing in a legislative committee today. The legislation will likely be heard on the House Floor for a potential vote later in the day.


Kentucky lawmakers are scheduled to debate a bill to update the state's drivers' licenses to comply with new federal guidelines.


Kentucky House Republicans are demanding more than a public promise from Governor Matt Bevin before they agree to overhaul the state's driver's licenses. 

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A proposal to make sweeping changes to Kentucky’s criminal code might be slowing down in response to criticism from law enforcement and local governments. The bill is part of a reform effort to reduce the state’s prison costs and keep people out of jail.

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When Kentucky lawmakers return to Frankfort next week, they’re expected to take up charter school legislation. In the meantime, Louisville Public Media is taking a look at the issue from various angles. In this installment of the weeklong series, we take a look at another way the issue is often framed: as urban vs. rural.

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House Republicans have advanced two bills targeting labor unions in Kentucky. A House committee approved bills Wednesday that would ban mandatory labor union membership and repeal the state's prevailing wage law. 

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Kentucky's Republican House Speaker says it is likely the state legislature will meet on Saturday to pass the first bills of the year.