Jackson Purchase Foundation

Jackson Purchase Foundation and City of Paducah

A local conservation organization is putting an artistic spin on sustainable water practices. The Jackson Purchase Foundation partnered with the City of Paducah, West Kentucky Community and Technical College, and students at Paducah Tilghman High School to implement Water Smarter! The Artistic Rain Barrel Partnership Project. The students designed and painted rain barrels that will be auctioned off tonight at the Clemens Fine Arts Center.

Virginia State Parks Staff / Wikimedia Commons

Local conservation enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a series of Summer Conservation Workshops this month and next. Sponsored by the Jackson Purchase Foundation in partnership with the City of Murray, Calloway County Conservation District, UK Cooperative Extension and Calloway County Extension, the first-ever workshop series features eco-friendly technologies to improve local and individual conservation efforts. On Sounds Good, Tracy Ross speaks with 319 Watershed Coordinator Jesse York to learn more about what to expect from the workshops. 


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The Jackson Purchase Foundation is hosting a series of summer conservation workshops, environmentally friendly things one can do in and around their home. Their workshops begin June 26 with a course on how to set up and properly use a rain barrel. Four Rivers Watershed Watch Coordinator Maggie Morgan joins us on Sounds Good with more about the workshops and the mission of JPF.