"Mary" is a short video artwork about a woman in crisis now showing in a segment o the SELF festival in Venice, Italy through this month, an event coinciding with the famous Venice Biennale. Artists in our region collaborated on the production. On Sounds Good, Kate Lochte speaks with Paul Lorenz of STUDIOmars in Paducah's LowerTown Arts District, who composed the musical score; and Glenn Hall, whose professional photographic work ranges around Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky, the video director for this piece. 

From NPR: Guys, want to impress your valentine? Make her this easy coffee gelato-like dessert or if she’s a salty gal you can go with a fancy version of everyone’s favorite meal, macaroni and cheese. And as a bonus, you can tell her you’re staying true to Valentine’s Day’s roots. All the recipes are inspired by the same romantic, pasta-loving country that was home to St. Valentine – Italy.