Illinois Senate

The Illinois Senate returns to work a day after acrimony over a failed attempt to reach a budget compromise.


The Illinois Senate returns to Springfield along with a promise of continued work on a budget compromise.

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U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk says he's disappointed that the Senate has rejected expanded background checks for gun purchases.

Kirk was one of four Republicans to vote in favor of the proposal, which failed Wednesday, 56-46. Five Senate Democrats voted against the measure.

The Illinois Senate adjourned yesterday, canceling today’s session, but Senate President John Cullerton told senators to be prepared to return Tuesday in case action is needed after a House session. The Senate planned no major action on the pension crisis. However, a more comprehensive proposal is waiting in the House, which will convene Sunday through Wednesday.

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An Illinois Senate education committee has approved a measure to end the controversial legislative scholarship program. The measure creates a task force to study all state university tuition waivers. The existing program allows lawmakers to award two students in their district a four-year tuition waiver to a state university. The measure came under fire after reports that lawmakers have given awards to relatives, children of political allies or students outside their district.