Illinois Medicaid

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Illinois' Medicaid program will soon provide preventative dental care for almost half a million low-income residents.

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The Illinois House has approved a measure advocates say would make it easier for seriously ill children can get health care.


  Conservative activists and legislators pressing a lawsuit against publicly funded abortions in Illinois are seeking an emergency injunction to prevent the law from taking effect Monday.


Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he'll sign legislation that would provide state health insurance and Medicaid coverage for abortions.

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A federal judge in Chicago is scheduled to consider a request by lawyers for Medicaid recipients that she order Illinois to start paying $1 billion a month for four months even as it enters a third year without a budget.

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A federal judge in Chicago says Illinois isn't in compliance with court orders to promptly pay health-care bills for low-income and other vulnerable groups even as the state heads into a third year without a budget.

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A federal judge in Chicago is expected to rule on an issue highlighting one of the nation's longest running state financial crises.

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An expansion of Medicaid under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is one step closer in Illinois. The state Senate passed the expansion 40 - 19 yesterday. The bill now goes to the House.

Nearly 2.8 million Illinois residents are currently covered by Medicaid, the government health program for the poor and disabled. And starting in 2014, an estimated 600,000 uninsured Illinois residents would be newly eligible for coverage. The expansion would mainly benefit low-income adults who don't have children at home.

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Illinois officials say savings from cuts to the state's Medicaid program have fallen short by $464 million. That’s about 30 percent of the expected $1.6 billion in cuts to the health program for the poor.

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Director Julie Hamos says nearly half the gap is because of a delay in implementing a program to check Medicaid recipients' eligibility. The federal government also denied permission to carry out some planned cuts.