Illinois Legislature

7:56 am
Thu May 10, 2012

Illinois Senate Rejects Limits on Closing Facilities

The Illinois Senate has rejected a proposal to limit the governor's power to close prisons and other state facilities.  The bill would have required legislative approval before a governor could shut down facilities. 

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7:55 am
Thu May 10, 2012

Illinois House Ends Free Health Insurance for Retirees

Longtime Illinois state employees would no longer be able get free health insurance when they retire under legislation approved yesterday by the state House.  

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8:56 am
Wed April 25, 2012

Liberal groups lash Illinois governor on Medicaid

A national liberal advocacy group is criticizing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's proposed solution to the state's Medicaid crisis.  Families USA is issuing a report Wednesday estimating job losses of more than 25,000 if Illinois cuts Medicaid spending by 2 point 7 billion dollars.  That's a reaction to Governor Quinn's call for the Legislature to stop pushing unpaid Medicaid bills into future years.

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Illinois General Assembly
4:22 pm
Thu April 12, 2012

Pension Boost Amendment in Illinois

A top Illinois Democrat says pension boosts for public employees should require more support in the General Assembly before becoming law. House Speaker Michael Madigan is proposing a constitutional amendment to require a three-fifths vote of the House and Senate for any legislation that increases retirement benefits. A simple majority is required now. The state owes its pension systems $80 billion. The Legislature would have to approve the idea by May 6 to put the question before voters in the November election.

7:17 am
Fri March 30, 2012

Abortion, Ultrasound Battle Rages on Illinois House Floor

A legislative battle over abortions and ultrasounds has reached the Illinois House floor.  Abortion opponents want to require that women be given the option of seeing an ultrasound image of their fetus before undergoing an abortion. Unlike proposals in some other states, it would not force women to obtain an ultrasound.  Abortion-rights advocates are fighting the bill.