Hummingbird Festival

Bill Buchanan, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service,

One of nature’s tiniest birds will be featured at the Tennessee Springville, Tennessee Wildlife Refuge Center next month.  Visitor Services Manager, Joan Stevens, at The Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge said, “Who doesn’t love seeing a tiny hummingbird up-close, it’s pretty awesome.”

Joe Schneid, Wikimedia Commons

The Land Between the Lakes Nature Station hosts the annual Hummingbird Festival,  their premiere event this weekend. It's peak season for the ruby throated hummingbirds, who regularly nest in LBL and Kentucky, before migrating to Costa Rica. Brooke Gilley, Naturalist at the Woodlands Nature Station, talks with Tracy Ross about all things Hummingbird Festival on Sounds Good.

2013 Hummingbird Festival at LBL

Jul 17, 2013

Friends of LBL Special Events Coordinator Cindy Earls previews the 2013 Hummingbird Festival with Kate Lochte on Sounds Good. The Festival brings thousands to LBL the first weekend in August. The Woodlands Nature Station will host more than 100 hummingbirds each day, as migration will be at its peak in early August. At the festival, hear demonstrations about banding and caring for the birds, as well as games, activities, and storytelling for the family. See more at