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Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he did not approve the subpoena of a Democratic lawmaker saying the legislator's testimony is "absolutely irrelevant" in an investigation of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.  

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House Speaker Greg Stumbo on Wednesday said the remaining Democratic members of the state House were in good spirits despite heavy losses on Election Day.

“We got hit by a tsunami named ‘Hurricane Donald,’” Stumbo said.

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House Speaker Greg Stumbo is suing Republican Gov. Matt Bevin for refusing to release 13 pages of emails relating to a road project in central Kentucky.  

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The committee formed by Democrats to investigate whether Republican Governor Matt Bevin delayed a road project as a political vendetta meets Friday, but two state employees invited to testify are refusing to show.

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Governor Matt Bevin is moving forward with awarding $100 million dollars for workforce training projects despite a warning from the top House Democrat that the actions could be illegal. 

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Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo says Gov. Matt Bevin should be investigated for allegedly halting a road project as political punishment for a state representative who refused to switch political parties.

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Kentucky House Democrats held an election-year special meeting Tuesday to discuss the state's public pension crisis and a proposal from Governor Matt Bevin to change the Medicaid program. 

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Advocates have renewed their push to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky, arguing in favor of a bill that would regulate the drug during a legislative hearing late last week.

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Liberal state lawmakers have for 16 years pushed for a bill that would amend Kentucky’s civil rights code to protect people from discrimination in the workplace, housing and other areas based on their sexual orientation.

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Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo is suing Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, saying the governor didn’t properly deliver vetoes to the Secretary of State at the end of this year’s legislative session.