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New Authority Seeks Loan for Wastewater Plant

Aug 30, 2012
Rmrfstar, Wikimedia Commons

The newly-formed South Hopkins Environmental Authority plans to seek up to three million dollars to buy the Nortonville Wastewater Treatment Plant to relieve the financial burden on the city of Nortonville. City officials have been unable to pay back their debt on the plant, which serves around 12-hundred households in Nortonville, White Plains and Mortons Gap.

Hanson Mining Ordinance Under Review

Aug 30, 2012

The Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission is reviewing the city of Hanson’s laws to allow mining within city limits. The city passed an ordinance in 1990 banning mining. But Mayor Charles Young says Alliance Coal has purchased land within city limits, and the city commission wants to allow them to use the land for underground mining.

Tim Ross, Wikimedia Commons

A proposed ordinance to help save Hopkins County money on road repairs by holding logging trucks accountable for road damage may be amended to include all commercial traffic. The original ordinance calls for all logging companies, especially those not local to Hopkins County to preregister with the county before starting work and fining those who don’t. 

The Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library has been beset with difficulty specifically regarding a physical location.  

The chair of the Hopkins County Transportation Committee says a proposed logging ordinance that fines undocumented loggers takes a moderate stance on logging regulations. Magistrate Shaun Roberts says the county has spent tens of thousands of dollars this to repair road damage done by logging companies that don’t report their activities.

The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department is looking for suspects after $41,000 in copper and other metal was stolen from the county’s new career and technology center. Detective Will Coursey says the Hopkins County School District reported the items missing last week.

Afternoon Round-Up 6/19/12

Jun 19, 2012
Paul Martin Lester

Today on NPR: Is it bad manners to have technology at the dinner table?

Around the Commonwealth:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is being scolded for flip-flopping on campaign disclosures.

The Hopkins County Schools Career and Technology Center will undergo geological stabilization work before contractors will can finish construction of the new building. 

Hopkins County school clinics may be the latest casualty in a series of budget cuts to the County Health Department. 

Child Support Enforcement Budget Cuts

Jun 6, 2012

Local county attorneys are upset over 12 % cuts to their offices of Child Support Enforcement.