Highway 68

via 400 Mile Yard Sale Facebook page

  An annual 400 mile yard sale stretching across the commonwealth begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday. Organizer Debby Spencer said the event began in 2004 in an effort to draw traffic into small towns along historic U.S. Route 68 like Aurora, Benton, Cadiz and Draffenville.


“Originally it was antiques, collectibles and stuff- but we were trying to do it all in the antique shops. We realized it was the yard sales that really attracted them-they like the antique shops but they really like those special sales.” Spencer said.


The tenth annual 400 Mile Sale will begin Thursday, June 6th. The four day event invites visitors from all over the country to travel along historic Highway 68 and shop at state-wide yard sales and antique shops. Coordinator of the sale Debby Spencer said the event works to bring economic opportunity to small communities.