11:04 am
Thu April 3, 2014

Bill Aimed at Curbing Kentucky Heroin Epidemic Likely to Fail This Year

Credit Wikimedia Commons


A bill cracking down on Kentucky's growing heroin epidemic is facing an uncertain future in Frankfort, as lawmakers are concerned about the constitutionality of one of the bill’s key provisions.

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7:07 am
Thu March 27, 2014

Heroin Bill Narrowly Passes Out of Committee

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A bill to raise penalties on heroin traffickers and provide new treatment options for opiate addicts has narrowly cleared a Kentucky House committee.  

The House Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 5 with 12 yes votes, and 8 members abstaining due to concerns over the measure’s constitutionality regarding charging drug traffickers with homicides for overdose deaths and the bill’s emphasis on prosecution.

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9:45 pm
Sun March 9, 2014

Northern Kentuckians Share Thoughts on Heroin Epidemic With U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell

Credit Jonathan Meador

Republican U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell heard testimony on Friday from Northern Kentuckians on how to tackle Kentucky’s burgeoning heroin epidemic.

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5:12 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

Senate Heroin Bill Headed For the House

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that aims to fix the state’s heroin problem.

The Senate voted 36 to zero on to charge drug dealers with homicide if users die from an overdose, to provide immunity to “Good Samaritans” who seek medical attention for overdose victims, and to increase funding for treatment efforts. 

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10:00 am
Tue January 7, 2014

What to Expect from the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly

As temperatures in Kentucky slowly climb out of the polar abyss, so too will state lawmakers emerge from their districts and trek to Frankfort for the opening day of the 2014 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

The session starts Tuesday.

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4:44 pm
Wed December 4, 2013

State Senator Clark Says Proposed Heroin Legislation is "A Bad Bill"

Credit Kentucky Senate courtesy Commonwealth of Kentucky

A Kentucky lawmaker is taking issue with proposed legislation aimed at tackling the state’s growing heroin problem. 

Legislation from Republican Senator Katie Stine would raise penalties for heroin traffickers and punish dealers by reclassifying overdose deaths as criminal homicide when there is sufficient evidence. 

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4:04 pm
Thu October 10, 2013

Louisville Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Ohio County

Ohio County Sherriff's deputies have seized a half-million dollars worth of heroin and methamphetamine as part of an undercover operation.

Police arrested 23 year-old Leon Mays of Louisville Tuesday at a truck stop on the Western Kentucky Parkway. 

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4:00 pm
Fri January 18, 2013

Use of Heroin Up in Paducah

Credit wikimedia.com

  Paducah authorities have seen a rise in heroin use  in the city over the past year. Yesterday Paducah Police arrested 20 year old Jason A. Morris on suspicion of selling heroin. During a four month investigation into Morris' activities, Undercover officers purchased a total of 9 grams of heroin. The street value of the seized heroin totals more than $5,000.  

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8:23 am
Tue December 11, 2012

IL Crime Commission Declares War on Heroin

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Illinois State Crime Commission is declaring war on drug dealers who supply heroin to teenagers. The commission and the Police Athletic League of Illinois plan to air television ads offering a reward for turning in drug dealers. Officials say they'll give a one thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people who provide heroin to young people.

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Morning Cram
10:17 am
Mon May 28, 2012

the morning cram [only good thing about being wounded in the buttocks is the ice cream edition]

Today on NPR: We visit Ben and Jerry's "Flavor Graveyard" in Waterbury, Vt. Here, ice cream flavors that the company has killed off are memorialized.

Around the Commonwealth:

Traffic is restricted along the Tennessee River at Ledbetter as several sinking barges threaten to topple a construction crane into the water.

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