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The Kentucky Court of Appeals has passed a dispute between Graves County Schools and the City of Mayfield on to the state Supreme Court.


Kentucky School districts across the region are beginning to see benefits of a relatively new program called non-traditional instructional days.  

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Students of the Graves County School System are participating in a new program to allow them to finish their studies from home as an alternative to missing school.  

On January 26th, a wet-dry special election will be held and four of the district’s seven elementary schools --  Lowes, Sedalia, Symsonia, and Wingo -- serve as polling locations.  

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There’s tension surrounding an ordinance to annex some Graves County Schools into the city of Mayfield.  The City Council approved the ordinance’s first reading Monday. 

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  Two western Kentucky school districts have taken advantage of the chance to raise their tax revenue by 4 percent, as allowed by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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The Graves County School board is moving ahead with several upgrades to eight of the district’s schools in 2015. 

Last month, the board entered into a guaranteed energy savings contract with Louisville-based company Harshaw Trane to make $9.2 million in much-needed renovations and improvements. 

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The Graves County Board of Education is exploring the idea of allowing homeschooled elementary students to participate in extracurricular activities - including football - organized by the school district. Such a move would make Graves County one of only a handful of Kentucky school districts to allow participation from homeschoolers.


The Hopkins County school board is considering a proposal to ban all forms of tobacco from school property and vehicles for students, faculty, and visitors, during all school functions every day of the week.

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Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd has issued an order allowing Graves County Schools to proceed with preparations to transfer Cuba Elementary students to different schools.

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As a court case continues to prevent the Graves County board of education from closing and selling Cuba Elementary the county's superintendent Kim Harrison is responding to comments from supporters of the suit printed in a July 10th edition of Paducah Sun.