6:42 am
Wed August 6, 2014

Good News for Kentucky College Grads

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Earnings outlook for college students who earn a degree in Kentucky are positive, according to the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics. Executive Director Charles McGrew who authored the 2014 Kentucky Postsecondary Feedback report, says the statistics include all students in the state of Kentucky who went on to post-secondary education. 

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Morning Cram
8:10 am
Wed April 10, 2013

The Morning Cram [one word: plastics edition]


From NPR: Much of the money given through Pell Grants is going to students who never graduate. The group these grants serve is also drastically changing. Students aren’t just fresh-faced high school grads anymore. They’re adults who have lost their jobs and are trying to improve their chances of getting a job by furthering their education.

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