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A Tennessee bill that would allow mental health therapists to turn patients away based on the counselors' religious beliefs and personal principles has passed and is on its way to the governor.

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As Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration and a private consulting firm work to fix Benefind, the troubled one-stop portal for health and social services in Kentucky, the blame game over who’s responsible for its problematic rollout continues.

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Kentucky lawmakers have agreed to extend the deadline for approving a two-year operating budget of more than $65 billion for state and federal services.

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West Powell, a man convicted of stealing car radios 27 years ago changed Republican State Senator Whitney Westerfield’s mind on expungement. 

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Kentucky's Democratic attorney general Andy Beshear has sued Republican Governor Matt Bevin. Beshear says Bevin overstepped his authority when he ordered budget cuts for state colleges and universities without legislative approval. 

Bevin Asks Lawmakers to Extend Budget Deadline

Apr 11, 2016
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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is pleading with lawmakers to extend their deadline for approving a two-year state spending plan.

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After hours of negotiations on Sunday, state lawmakers once again failed to agree on a budget, halting their meeting abruptly at about 11:30 p.m.

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House Democrats say they would agree to spend less on state colleges and universities if it means lawmakers could reach an agreement on a two-year plan to spend more than $65 billion in public money. 

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Update: Murray State University President Bob Davies' response:

"We recognize that our Governor, and all state leaders, face many difficult decisions, especially as they deal with the pension crisis that is hampering our state." 

Lawsuit Against Bevin Over College Cuts Could Come Monday

Apr 8, 2016
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A spokesman for Andy Beshear says the Democratic Attorney General will not file a lawsuit against Republican Governor Matt Bevin before Monday.