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Tennessee now holds the highest bond rating issued by the three major credit rating agencies. Standard and Poor’s upgraded Tennessee from AA+ to AAA status after conducting their mid-year review. 

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The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is launching the state’s first Hunger Initiative involving farmers, businesses, charitable organizations, government agencies to tackle food insecurity in the state. 


Kentucky State Police are investigating an apparent accidental shooting Wednesday afternoon in Hickory, Graves County, involving an off-duty police officer and a 17 year old girl. 

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The outcome of last Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary in Kentucky is unchanged after a recanvass of votes in the state. Hillary Clinton is still the narrow winner. According to the Associated Press, Bernie Sanders says he accepts the loss and will not contest the results.

Paducah officials are working to establish a new 9-1-1 service within the city.

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Tennessee is among 11 states suing the Obama administration over a federal directive about transgender students in public schools. 


Health insurance companies in the commonwealth want to increase base rates by an average of 17% next year. 

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A federal appeals court has upheld an order requiring Tennessee's Medicaid program to provide applicants with a fair hearing if it cannot process their requests on time. 

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Kentucky's Democratic attorney general has asked the Supreme Court to decide whether Gov. Matt Bevin has the authority to cut college and university budgets without the approval of the state legislature.

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The debate continues over whether Gov. Matt Bevin has the authority to replace the chair of the Kentucky Retirement Systems board before his term expires.