Murray, KY – From now until Election Day in November, 2012, the American people will be tuned in to fundraisers, conventions, debates and dialogues with political leaders vying to be president of the United States. Commentator and foreign policy analyst Dr. Brian Clardy says he'll be listening to serious answers to his questions regarding the future of American foreign policy in this open letter to the candidates.

Welcome to the campaign trail.

Louisville, KY – The Kentucky National Guard holds a departure ceremony this Saturday for more than 1,300 guardsmen headed to Iraq. This is the largest deployment of Kentucky National Guard soldiers since WWII. Members of the 149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade leave after the ceremony for further training this summer before going overseas. The departure ceremony will be held in Freedom Hall in Louisville.

Murray, KY – President Barack Obama on Thursday (May 19, 2011) outlined what White House officials called a "major address" on foreign policy in the Middle East, which included U.S. support for a future Palestinian state based on borders that existed before 1967. Response has ranged from "just more political slogans" to "good enough." Commentator and foreign policy analyst Dr. Brian Clardy asks for specifics, and poses five key and critical questions to President Obama in this open letter.

Frankfort, KY – In this economy, Kentucky can no longer afford to feed 15,000 people free country ham, eggs and grits at the annual Governor's Derby Breakfast. Usually held on the State Capitol grounds, the event is moving to downtown Frankfort. On Derby Day 1936, Kentucky Governor Happy Chandler invited a few friends over to the governor's mansion for breakfast. By the 1990s, thousands of people were annually showing up at the State Capitol. Bob Stewart is coordinating this year's event.

Murray, KY – On March 20, Florida pastor Terry Jones held a self-styled mock trial in which he burned a Quran at his church in Orlando. The desecration sparked a wave of protests in Afghanistan, which left dozens dead. Commentator Richard Nelson says the book burning is troubling, but pales in comparison to the violent response overseas, where the freedom of speech and the right to articulate opinions are not respected.

Murray, KY – Last month, Senate Bill 9 - also known as The Ultrasound Bill - and several other pro-life measures that would strengthen the Kentucky's abortion laws were struck down by the Health and Welfare Committee. Commentator Richard Nelson says the denial of ultrasound informed consent treats Kentucky women as second-class citizens.

Murray, KY – UPDATE: According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Senate Bill 9 and three other measures were struck down in the House Health and Welfare Committee yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. Advocates of the bill decry the liberal-leaning committee, which consists of 10 Democrats and 6 Republicans. Representative David Floyd, who added the abortion measures to the bills, believes if they were put up to a full House vote, more than 60 members would pass the measure.

Murray, KY – On November 2nd, Kentucky Republican and Tea Party flag-bearer Rand Paul won the Commonwealth's vacant U.S. Senate seat. The first-time candidate and Washington outsider championed small government in his campaign and emphasized businesses and entrepreneurs take a stronger role in job creation. Commentator Constance Alexander takes issue with this stance, citing herself as an example of the success of Government assistance.

Murray, KY – Last week, NPR terminated the contract of Senior News Analyst Juan Williams, due to remarks made on The O'Reilly Factor that were inconsistent with NPR's editorial standards and practices. The action has since sparked a national debate over the issues of political correctness and the freedom of speech. Commentator Richard Nelson says the sensitivity police's war on honesty claims another victim, furthering the divide between the political right and left.

Murray, KY – The issue of marriage and equality is in the news again after a California judge overturned the controversial Proposition 8. In Kentucky, the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld the ban on Ten Commandment displays in county courthouses. Commentator Richard Nelson says both decisions were left to a single or small group of judges rather than being open to the democratic process. For contentious issues like these, he proposes judges show restraint, not overreach.