Murray, KY – The Kentucky General Assembly wrapped up its 2010 legislative session recently, but failed to accomplish its primary goal of crafting a state budget. Commentator and Poetry Minute producer Constance Alexander reflects on the state of Kentucky through a poem of her own.

Legislative Session, 2010 (with apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer and in Honor of April, National Poetry Month)

Murray, KY – On Thursday, April 8th President Barack Obama and Russian Federation President Dimitri Medvedev signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, signaling a change in relations between the two countries. Commentator and History Professor Doctor Brian Clardy writes this open letter to President Obama about the future of nuclear weaponry and global security.

Murray, KY – During the 2008 presidential campaign, then candidate Barack Obama promised a change in U.S. approach to foreign policy. Commentator and History Professor Dr. Brian Clardy believes the president has since been instrumental in creating positive transformative efforts, but says the overall status and tone of U.S. - Chinese relations will be the single most tenuous foreign policy dilemma the Obama Administration will face.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Murray, KY – Murray State history professor Doctor Brian Clardy explains the diplomatic necessity of President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, to be delivered December 9th.

Murray, KY – First it was 700 billion, now it's 800 billion The price tag for resolving America's economic crisis continues to grow as more and more Americans are losing their jobs and homes. Commentator Doctor Bill Schell suggests a different kind of stimulus package: substantial public funds into the hands of individual householders.

Murray, KY – Last Monday Barack Obama spoke at a Louisville rally which the media likened to a rock concert loud music, large crowds and fainting women. But what moved the estimated 10,000 in attendance more than anything was the theme that America needs change.

I agree.

Murray, KY – He's a rock star, a political savior and he's running for president. But Sen. Barack Obama's recent whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe may have left doubts as to what exactly he's running for: President of the United States or leader of the European Union?

Murray, KY – For World War II Veteran Mike Freeland time travel is a song away.

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